Lessons 1-10

Lesson 100 我保证今晚不会喝醉。I promise I won't get drunk tonight.

我 保证 会 按时 上班。 I promise to come to work on time.
Wǒ bǎozhng hu nsh shngbān.
I protect-proof can control-time on-work.

冯 先生 保证 不 会 再 迟到。 Mr. Feng promises he won't be late again.
Fng xiānsheng bǎozhng b hu zi chdo.in
Feng first-bron protect-proof not can again late-arrive.

我 保证 今晚 不 会 喝醉。 I promise I won't get drunk tonight.
Wǒ bǎozhng jīnwǎn b hu hēzu
I protect-proof today-evening not can drink-drunk.

我 保证 宁死 不 说。 I promise I'd die before I'd tell.
Wǒ bǎozhng nnɡsǐ b shuō.
I protect-proof rather=die not speak.

你 向 我 保证 说到做到。 Promise me you'll do what you say.
Nǐ xing Wǒ bǎozhng shuōdozudo.
You towards I protect-proof speak-arrive-do-arrive.

何 小姐 保证 下 个 月 还 我 钱。 Ms. He promised to pay me back the money next month.
H xiǎojiě bǎozhng xi g yu hun Wǒ qin.
He little-big-sister protect-proof after one month return I money.

郭 小姐 不 能 保证 你 会 获利。 Ms. Guo cannot promise that you will make a profit.
Guō xiǎojiě b nnɡ bǎozhng nǐ hu hul.
Guo little-big sister not can protect-proof you can obtain-benefit.

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