Lessons 1-10

Lesson 101 你随便挑一个。Pick any one you like.

你 随便 挑 一个。 Pick any one you like.
Nǐ subin tiāo yg.
You comply-convenient pick one.

哪 一天 随 你 挑 吧。 You pick the day.
Nǎ ytiān su nǐ tiāo ba.
Which one-sky comply you pick.

从 三 个 里 挑 一个。 Pick one of the three.
Cng sān g lǐ tiāo yg.
From three one inside pick one.

温 小姐 挑 了 哪 一个? Which one did Ms. Wen pick?
Wēn xiǎojiě tiāo le nǎ yg?
Wen little-big-sister pick which one?

请 教 我 怎么 挑 质量 好 的 汽车。 Please teach me how to pick a high quality car.
Qǐng jiāo wǒ zěnme tiāo zhling hǎo de qchē.
Please teach me how pick quality good of steam-car.

你 自己 挑 的 专业 吗? Did you pick your university major yourself?
Nǐ zjǐ tiāo de zhuāny ma?
You yourself pick of special-occupation question?

如果 你 不 挑三拣四, 你 能 找 到 一份 工作。 If you are not too picky, you can find a job.
Rguǒ nǐ b tiāosānjiǎns, nǐ nng zhǎo do yīfn gōngzu.
If you not pick-three-choose-four, you can look arrive one work.

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