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Lesson 103 厕所在你的左边。The bathroom is on your left.

请 右 转。 Please turn right.
Qǐng yu zhuǎn.
Please right turn.

厕所 在 你 的 左边。 The bathroom is on your left.
Csuǒ zi nǐ de zuǒbiɑn.
Toilet place at you of left-side.

教堂 左边 有 一个 纪念碑。 To the left of the church is a monument.
Jiotng zuǒbiɑn yǒu yg jninbēi.
Teach-hall left-side has one record-aloud-monument.

操场 在 学校 左边。 The playground is to the left of the school.
Cāochǎng zi xuxio zuǒbiɑn.
Exercise-field at school left-side.

医院 右边 是 美国 大使馆。 To the right of the hospital is the American embassy.
Yīyun yubiɑn sh Měigu dshǐɡuǎn.
Medicine-courtyard ride-side is beautiful-country big-envoy-house.

购物中心 在 夜总会 左边。 The shopping center is to the left of the night club.
Guwzhōngxīn zi yzǒnghu zuǒbiɑn.
Buy-thing-middle-heart at night-gather-can left-side.

在 你 的 右边 能 看到 人民 英雄 纪念碑。 To your right you can see the Monument to the People's Heroes.
Zi nǐ de yubiɑn nng kndo Rnmn Yīngxing Jninbēi.
At you of right-side can see-arrive people hero-heroic record-aloud-monument.

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