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Lesson 105 你为什么这么安静? Why are you so quiet?

保持 安静! Keep quiet!
Bǎoch ānjng!
Defend-grasp calm-still.

你 为什么 这么 安静?Why are you so quiet?
Nǐ wishnme zhme ānjng?
You why this calm-still?

这 是 一个 安静 的 乡村。 This is a quiet village.
Zh sh yg ānjng de xiāngcūn.
This is one calm-still of country-village.

学生们 通常 很 安静 并且 举止 文明。 The students are usually quiet and well behaved.
Xushēngmen tōngchng hěn ānjng bngqiě jǔzhǐ wnmng.
Study-born-plural well-always very calm-still and-moreover lift-stop writing-bright.

沈阳 哪 家 酒吧 比较 安静? In Shenyang what bar is particularly quiet?
Shěnyng nǎ jiā jiǔbā bǐjio ānjng?
Shenyang which house alcohol-bar compare-distinct calm-still.

邻居们 非常 吵。 The neighbors are extremely noisy.
Lnjūmen fēichng chǎo.
Adjacent-reside-plural not-usual noisy.

鸡毛蒜皮 的 小事 不要 天天 吵。You shouldn't quarrel every day over trivial matters.
Jīmosunp de xiǎosh byo tiāntiān chǎo.
Chicken-hand-garlic-skin of small-affairs not-want day-day noisy.

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