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Lesson 106 谦虚已经过时。Modesty is out of date now.

我 没有 他 谦虚。 I do not have his modesty.
Wǒ miyǒu tā qiānxū
I not have his modest-void.

谦虚 已经 过 时。 Modesty is out of date now.
Qiānxū yǐjīng gu sh.
Modest-void already passed time.

谦虚 会 交到 更 多 的 朋友。 Being modest will help you make more friends.
Qiānxū hu jiāodo gng duō de pngyou.
Modest-void can make friends-arrive more a lot of friends.

我 为 我 学生 的 进步 感到 骄傲。 I am proud of my students' progress.
Wǒ wi Wǒ xusheng de jnb gǎndo jiāo'o.
I for I study-born of advance-step feel-arrive proud-proud.

赵 先生 太 骄傲 了。 Mr. Zhao is too proud.
Zho xiānsheng ti jiāo'o le.
Zhao first-born too proud-proud.

我 确实 不 喜欢 傲慢 的 人。 I really don't like arrogant people.
Wǒ qush b xǐhuɑn omn de rn.
I authenticated-true not like proud-slow of people.

他 和 同事 相处 的 不 好, 因为 他 骄傲 自大。 He doesn't get along with his coworkers, because he is very arrogant.
Tā h tngsh xiāngchǔ de b hăo, yīnwi tā jiāo'o zd.
He and same-affairs mutually-deal with of not good, because he proud-proud oneself-big.

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