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Lesson 107 我只是开玩笑 。I was only joking.

你 只 是 觉得 他 帅。 You just think he's cute.
Nǐ zhǐ sh jude tā shui.
You only is think he cute.

我 只是 开 玩笑 。 I was only joking.
Wǒ zhǐsh kāi wnxio.
You only start play-smile.

她 只 想 你 宠 她 。 She just wants you to spoil her.
Tā zhǐ xiǎng nǐ chǒng tā.
She ony like you pamper she.

潘 小姐 只 想 平静 的 生活 。 Ms. Pan just wants a calm life.
Pān xiǎojiě zhǐ xiǎng pngjng de shēnghu.
Pan little-big-sister only like calm-still of born-live.

我 只 想 知道 你 什么 时候 回来。 I just want to know when you will come home.
Wǒ zhǐ xiǎng zhīdo nǐ shnme shhou huli.
I only like know-direction you what time return-come.

我 只 想 好好儿 爱 一个 人。 I just want to love one person really well.
Wǒ zhǐ xiǎng hǎohāor i yg rn.
I only like good-good love one person.

杜 先生 本来 只 想 和 她 做 朋友。 Mr. Du originally just wanted to be friends with her.
D xiānsheng běnli zhǐ xiǎng h tā zu pngyou.
Du first-born origin-come only like with she make friend.

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