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Lesson 110 我们公司从不欠薪。Our company never delays paying salaries.

唐 先生 从不 洗澡。 Mr. Tang never takes a shower.
Tng xiānsheng cngb xzǎo.
Tang first-born from-not wash-bath.

我们 是 好 朋友, 从来 不 吵架。 We are good friends, we never quarrel.
Wǒmen sh hǎo pngyou,cngli b chǎoji.
I-plural is good friend, from-come not noisy-support.

杜 先生 从不 吃 蒜苔 炒 腊肉。 Mr. Du never eats garlic stalks and bacon.
D xiānsheng cngb chī sunti chǎo lru.
Du first-born from-not eat garlic-moss saute preserved-meat.

潘 小姐 从不 吃 肉 炒 黄豆芽。 Ms. Pan never eats meat with soybean sprouts.
Pān xiǎojiě cngb chī ru chǎo hungduy.
Pan little-big-sister not-come eat meat saute yellow-bean-sprout.

他 从不 主动 联系 我。 He never takes the initiative to contact me.
Tā cngb zhǔdng linx wǒ.
He come-not master-act unite-connect I.

孔 老师 从不 管教 学生。 Teacher Kong never disciplines the students.
Kǒng lǎoshī cngb guǎnjio xusheng.
Kong old-master not-come manage-teach study-born.

我们 公司 从不 欠薪。 Our company never delays paying salaries.
Wǒmen gōngsī cngb qinxīn.
I-plural public-company come-not deficient-salary.

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