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Lesson 111 后悔已经迟了。 It's too late for regrets.

你 最 后悔 什么? What do you regret the most?
Nǐ zu huhuǐ shnme?
You most after- regret what?

他 后悔 冒 这 次 险。He regrets taking this risk.
Tā huhuǐ mo zh c xiǎn.
He regrets bold this one danger.

后悔 已经 迟 了。 It's too late for regrets.
Huhuǐ yǐjīng ch le.
After-regret already-classics late.

失去 我,你 会 后悔 的。 If you lose me, you will regret it.
Shīq wǒ, nǐ hu huhuǐ de.
Lose-go me, you can after-regret of.

努力 过,就 不 后悔!As long as you have tried your best, you'll have no regrets!
Nǔl gu, ji b huhuǐ!
Exert-power passed, just not after-regret!

他 现在 后悔 没 续签 合同。He now regrets not re-signing his contract.
Tā xinzi huhuǐ mi xqiān htong.
He now after-regret not continue-sign fit-same.

我 最 后悔 的 事 就 是 没 学好 英语。The most regretful thing is that I did not study English well.
Wǒ zu huhuǐ de sh ji sh mi xuhǎo Yīngyǔ.
I most after-regret of thing just is not study-good English.

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