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Lesson 50 上个周末你做了什么? What did you do last weekend?

上个 周末 杨 先生 去了 长春 。 Last weekend Mr. Yang went to Changchun.
Shngg zhōum Yng xiānsheng q le Chngchūn.
On-one cycle-end Yang first born go-finished long-Spring.

上个 周末 你 做了 什么? What did you do last weekend?
Shngg zhōum nĭ zu le shnme?
On-one cycle-end you do-finished what?

这个 周末 我 要 去 中央大街。This weekend I want to go to Zhongyang avenue.
Zhg zhōum Wŏ yo q Zhōngyāng djiē.
This-one cycle-end I want go Middle-center big-street.

上个 周末 朱 小姐 很 忙。Last weekend Ms. Zhu was very busy.
Shngg zhōum Zhū xiăojiĕ hĕn mng.
On-one cycle-end Zhu little-big-sister very busy.

这个 周末 你 想 跟 我 一 起 吃 晚饭 吗?
This weekend would you like to have dinner with me?
Zhg zhōum nĭ xiăng gēn Wŏ yī qĭ chī wănfn ma?
This-one cycle-end you like-want with I together go eat evening-rice?

下个 周末 吴 小姐 要 去 中国 历史 博物馆。
Next weekend Ms. Wu wants to go to the National Museum of Chinese history.
Xig zhōum W xiăojiĕ yo q Zhōnggu lshǐ bwguǎn.
Next-one cycle-end Wu little-big-sister want go Middle-country history plentiful-object-house.

上个 周末 他 跟 女朋友 一 起 去 公园。
Last weekend he went with his girlfriend to the park.
Shngg zhōum tā gēn nǚpngyou yī qĭ q gōngyun,
On-one cycle-end he with female-friend together go public-garden.

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