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Lesson 51 天气这么好。The weather is so nice.

今天 天气 晴朗。 The weather today is sunny.
Jīntiān tiānq qnglǎng.
This-sky sky-air fine-clear.

春天 天气 真 好。The Spring weather is really nice.
Chūntiān tiānq zhēn hǎo.
Spring-season real good.

夏天 天气 不 太 热。The summer weather is not too hot.
Xitiān tiānq b ti r.
Summer-sky sky-air not too hot.

冬天 天气 太 冷 了。The winter weather is too cold.
Dōngtiān tiānq ti lěng le.
Winter-sky sky-air too cold.

天气 这么 好。The weather is so nice.
Tiānq zhme hǎo.
Sky-air how good.

我 听说 重庆 夏天的 天气 真 热。I've heard that in Chongqing the summer weather is really hot.
Wŏ tīng shuō Chngqng xitiānde tiānq zhēn r.
I listen-speak Double-celebration summer-season-of sky-air too hot.

长春 冬天的 天气 太 冷。In Changchun the winter weather is too cold.
Chngchūn dōngtiānde tiānq ti lěng.
Long-spring winter-season too cold.

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