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Lesson 54 我需要发票吗? Do I need a receipt?

我 需要 去 药店。 I need to go the pharmacy.
Wǒ xūyo q yodin.
I need-will go medicine-shop.

我 需要 去 看 医生。 I need to see a doctor.
Wǒ xūyo q kn yīshēng.
I need-will go see doctor-life.

他 需要 去 大使馆。 He needs to go to the embassy.
Tā xūyo q dshǐɡuǎn.
He need-will go big-envoy-house.

我 需要 发票 吗? Do I need a receipt?
Wǒ xūyo fāpio ma?
I need-will send-ticket question?

我 需要 去 买 隐形眼镜。 I need to go and buy contact lenses.
Wǒ xūyo q mǎi yǐnxngyǎnjng.
I need-will go buy hidden-shape-eye-mirror.

我 需要 买 新的 剃须刀。 I need to buy a new razor.
Wǒ xūyo mǎi xīnde txūdāo.
I need-will buy new-of shave-knife.

我 需要 买 新的 球鞋。 I need to buy new sneakers.
Wǒ xūyo mǎi xīnde qixi.
I need-will buy new-of ball-shoe.

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