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Lesson 55 我需要多睡觉。 I need to sleep more.

她 累 了,想 去 睡觉 了。 She is tired, she wants to go to bed.
Tā lèi le, xiǎng qù shuìjiào le.
She tired, like go sleep-sleep.

孙 小姐 通常 很 早 起床。 Ms. Sun usually gets up early.
Sūn xiǎojiě tōngcháng hěn zǎo qǐchuáng.
Sun first-born knows well-always very early arise-bed.

他们 起床 了 吗? Have they gotten up?
Tāmen qǐchuáng le ma?
He-plural arise-bed finished question?

你 今天 几 点 起床? What time did you get up today?
Nǐ jīntiān jǐ diǎn qǐchuáng?
You this-sky which dot arise-bed.

他 还 没 起床 吗? Has he not gotten up yet?
Tā hái méi qǐchuáng ma?
He still not arise-bed question?

我 需要 多 睡觉。 I need to sleep more.
Wǒ xūyào duō shuìjiào.
I need-will more sleep-sleep.

我们 该 睡觉 了。 It's time to go to bed.
Wǒmen gāi shuìjiào le.
I-plural ought sleep-sleep finished.

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