Lessons 1-10

Lesson 60 大家认为他是个精明旳生意人。Everyone considers him to be a shrewd businessperson.

大家 认为 吴 小姐 的 家庭 很 富有。
Everyone considers Ms. Wu's family to be rich.
Djiā rnwi W xiǎojiě de jiātnɡ hěn fyǒu.
Big-house recognize-act as Wu little-big-sister of house-court very wealth-has.

大家 认为 他 是个 精明 旳 生意人。
Everyone considers him to be a shrewd businessperson.
Djiā rnwi tā shg jīngmng de shēngyirn.
Big-house recognize-act as he is-one perfect-bright-of life-desire-person.

他 认为 重庆 夏天 的 天气 真 热。 He considers Chongqing weather to be too hot in summer.
Tā rnwi Chngqng xitiān de tiānq zhēn r.
He recognize-act as Double-heaven-of sky-air really hot.

本人 认为, 这 个 课本 不 好。 In my opinion, this textbook is not good.
Běnrn rnwi, zh g kběn b hǎo.
Originate-person recognize-act as, this one lesson-source not good.

大家 认为 桂林 是个 漂亮 的 地方。 Everyone considers Guilin to be a beautiful place.
Djiā rnwi Guln shg pioliɑng de dfāng.
Big-house recognize-act as Gui-forest is-one elegant-bright-of earth-location.

我 认为 北京 的 东西 很 贵。 I consider things in Beijing to be expensive.
Wǒ rnwi Běijīng de dōngxī hěn gu.
I recognize-act as North-capital-of east-west very expensive.

宋 先生 认为 这个 生意 很 有利润。 Mr. Song considers this business to be very profitable.
Sng xiānsheng rnwi zhg shēngyi hěn yǒu lrn.
Song first-born recognize-act as this-one life-desire very has benefit-smooth.

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