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Lesson 76 我们特别喜欢外出就餐。We especially like eating out.

我 特别 喜欢 在 外面 吃饭。 We especially like eating out.
Wǒ tbi xǐhuɑn zi wimian chīfn.
We especially like at outside-face eat rice.

她 特别 喜欢 吃 水煮肉片。 She especially likes to eat Sichuan poached pork.
Tā tbi xǐhuɑn chī shuǐzhǔ rupin.
She especially likes eat water-boil-meat-slice.

我的 室友 特别 喜欢 吃 小鸡炖香菇。 My roommate especially likes to eat chicken stewed with shitaake mushrooms.
Wǒde shyǒu tbi xǐhuɑn chī xiǎojī dnxiāng gū.
I-of room-friend especially likes eat small-chicken-stew-fragrant-mushroom.

我 特别 不 喜欢 吃 尖椒干豆腐 。 I particularly don't like to eat dried tofu with green peppers.
Wǒ tbi b xǐhuɑn chī jiānjiāo gān dufu.
I especially not like eat pointed-pepper-dry-bean-rotten.

她 特别 喜欢 吃 火爆大头菜。 She especially likes to eat spicy Chinese cabbage.
Tā tbi xǐhuɑn chī huǒbo dtuci.
She especially like eat fire-explode-big-head-dish.

他 是 一个 特别 懒惰的 学生。 He is a particularly lazy student.
Tā sh yī g tbi lǎndude xusheng.
He is one especially lazy-lazy-of study-born.

那个 行业 特别 有利润。 This industry is particularly profitable.
Nge hngy tbi yǒulrn.
This-one profession-business especially has benefit-smooth.

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