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Lesson 80 你感到紧张吗? Do you feel nervous?

邓 先生 感到 很 惊讶。 Mr. Deng feels surprised.
Dèng xiānsheng gǎndào hěn jīngyà.
Deng first-born feel-arrive very alarmed-astounded.

她 感到 非常 沮丧。 She feels very depressed.
Tā gǎndào fēicháng jǔsàng.
I feel she feel-arrive not-usual destroy-mourning.

我 感到 很 孤独 I feel lonely.
Wǒ gǎndào hěn gūdú.
I feel-arrive very lonely-single.

他 感到 非常 孤独 He feels very lonely.
Tā gǎndào fēicháng gūdú.
He feel-arrive not-usual lonely-single.

你 感到 紧张 吗? Do you feel nervous?
Nǐ gǎndào jǐnzhāng ma?
You feel-arrive nervous question?

我 感到 很 担心。 I feel worried.
Wǒ gǎndào hěn dānxīn.
I feel-arrive very burden-heart.

孙 小姐 感到 非常 惭愧。 Ms. Sun feels very ashamed.
Sūn xiǎojiě gǎndào fēicháng cánkú.
Sun little-big-sister feel-arrive not-usual ashamed-ashamed.

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