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Lesson 84 国际关系是一个受欢迎的专业。International relations is a popular major.

我 的 专业 是 财务管理。 My major is financial management.
Wǒ de zhuāny sh ciwguǎnlǐ.
I of specialized-occupation is money-matter-control-logic.

吴 小姐 的 专业 是 市场营销。 Ms. Wu's major is marketing.
W xiǎojiě de zhuāny sh shchǎngyngxiāo.
Wu little-big-sister of specialized-occupation is market-square-trade-sell.

冯 先生 的 专业 是 统计学。 Mr. Feng's major is statistics.
Fng xiānsheng de zhuāny sh tǒngjxu.
Feng first-born of specialized-occupation is gather-calculate-study.

一般来说, 企业管理 是 一个 受欢迎的 专业。 Generally speaking, business management is a popular major.
Yībānlishuō, qǐyguǎnlǐ sh yg shuhuānyngde zhuāny.
One-manner-come-speak, plan-occupation-control-logic is one-thing receive-joyous-welcome-of specialized-occupation.

她 的 专业 是 人力资源管理。 Her major is human resources management.
Tā de zhuāny sh rnlzīyunguǎnlǐ.
She of specialized-occupation is person-power-resources-control-logic.

国际关系 是 一个 受欢迎的 专业。 International relations is a popular major.
Gujguānx sh yg shuhuānyngde zhuāny.
Country-border-involve-connection is one-thing receive-joyous-welcome-of specialized-occupation.

黃 小姐 的 专业 是 土木工程。 Ms. Huang's major is civil engineering.
Hung xiǎojiě de zhuāny sh tǔmɡōnɡchnɡ.
Huang first-born of specialized-occupation is earth-tree-work-order.

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