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Lesson 91 我不记得了。 I can't remember.

我 不 记得 了。 I can't remember.
Wǒ b jde le.
I not remember.

你 记得 关 电熨斗 吗? Did you remember to turn off the iron?
Nǐ jde guān dinyndǒu ma?
You remember shut electric-iron question?

笔顺 很 难 记。 Stroke order is hard to remember.
Bǐshn hěn nn j.
Brush-obey very difficult remember.

说 实话, 我 不 记得 昨天 晚上 发生 了 什么。 To tell the truth, I don't remember what happened last night.
Shuō shhu, Wǒ b jde zutiān wǎnshɑng fāshēng le shnme.
Speak true-talk, I not remember yesterday-sky evening-on sent-life what.

学生们 正 在 学 的 词汇 很 难 记。 The vocabulary the students are learning is hard to remember.
Xushēngmen zhng zi xu de chu hěn nn j.
Study-born-plural currently at study of word-collection very difficult remember.

我 不 记得 他 什么 时候 下班。 I don't remember when he gets off work.
Wǒ b jde tā shnme shhou xibān.
I not remember he what time off-work.

我 记得 他 以前 在 我们 公司 工作。 I remember that he used to work at our company.
Wǒ jde tā yǐqin zi wǒmen gōngsī gōngzu.
I remember he to-before at we-of public-company work.

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