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Lesson 97 大家都很讨厌他。Everybody hates him.

大家 都 很 讨厌 他。 Everybody hates him.
Djiā dōu hěn tǎoyn tā.
Big-house everyone very ask for-loathe he.

我 讨厌 当 你 生 我 气 的 时候。 I hate it when you are angry with me.
Wǒ tǎoyn dāng nǐ shēng wǒ q de shhou.
I ask for-loathe become you life me angry of time.

他 讨厌 吃 干煸四季豆。 I hate to eat fried green beans.
Tā tǎoyn chī gānbiān sjdu.
I for-loate eat dry-fried-green beans.

说 实话, 他 是 个 令人讨厌的 人。 To tell the truth, he is a disgusting person.
Shuō shhu,tā sh g lngrntǎoynde rn.
Speak true-talk, he is one cause-person-ask for-loathe-of person.

大部分 外国人 讨厌 讲价 Most foreigners hate to bargain.
Dbfen wigurn tǎoyn jiǎngji.
Big-section-part outside-country-person discuss-price.

学生们 讨厌 背 生词。 The students hate to memorize new words.
Xushēngmen tǎoyn bi shēngc.
Study-born-plural ask for-loathe learn by heart fresh-word.

她 讨厌 剃 腿 毛。 She hates to shave her legs.
Tā tǎoyn t tuǐ mo.
She ask for-loathe shave leg hair.

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