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Lesson 98 与硬相对的是软。Hard is the opposite of soft.

与 薄 相对 的 是 厚。 Thin is the opposite of thick.
Yǔ bo xiāngdu de sh hu.
Together with thin mutually-opposite is thick.

与 硬 相对 的 是 软。 Hard is the opposite of soft.
Yǔ yng xiāngdu de sh ruǎn.
Together with hard mutually-opposite is soft.

与 强 相对 的 是 弱。 Strong is the opposite of weak.
Yǔ qing xiāngdu de sh ru.
Together with strong mutually-opposite is weak.

与 窄 相对 的 是 宽。 Narrow is the opposite of wide.
Yǔ zhǎi xiāngdu de sh kuān.
Together with narrow mutually-opposite is wide.

与 高 相对 的 是 矮。 Tall is the opposite of short.
Yǔ gāo xiāngdu de sh ǎi.
Together with tall mutually-opposite is short.

与 快 相对 的 是 慢。 Fast is the opposite of slow.
Yǔ kui xiāngdu de sh mn.
Together with fast mutually-opposite is slow.

与 湿 相对 的 是 干。 Wet is the opposite of dry.
Yǔ shī xiāngdu de sh gān.
Together with wet mutually-opposite is dry.

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