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Lesson 99 我的手表被偷了。My watch was stolen.

我 的 手表 被 偷了。 My watch was stolen.
Wǒ de shǒubiǎo bi tōule.
I of hand-watch by stole.

赵 先生 的 照相机 被 偷了。 Mr. Zhao's camera was stolen.
Zho xiānsheng de zhoxingjī bi tōule.
Zhao first-born of light up-photograph-machine by stole.

有 人 偷了 他 的 订书机。 Someone stole his stapler.
Yǒu rn tōule tā de dngshūjī.
Have person stole he of agree-book-machine.

他 偷 公司 的 钱 有 很 多 年 了。 He has been stealing the company's money for years.
Tā tōu gōngsī de qin yǒu hěn duō nin le.
He steal public-office of money has very many years.

邻居 偷了 我 的 吸尘器。 The neighbor stole my vacuum cleaner.
Lnjū tōule wǒ de xīchnq.
Adjacent-reside stole I of suck-dust-device.

他 的 丈夫 因为 偷 车 进了 监狱。 Her husband went to jail for stealing a car.
Tā de zhngfu yīnwi tōu chē jnle jiāny.
She of ten feet-husband because stole vehicle enter supervise-prison.

我 觉得 偷 东西 真 不 道德。 I think stealing is really immoral.
Wǒ jude tōu dōngxi zhēn b dod.
I think-feel steal east-west real not path-virtue.

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