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Lessons 1-10

Lesson 7. 中国很大。China is very big.

外国人 Wigurn Foreigner / 小 xiǎo Small / 多 duō Many / 大 d Big /
外国人 Wigurn is a term you will hear quite often in China, strictly speaking it means something akin to "outsider", 外 Wi literally meaning "outside". In the Mandarin-speaking sections of China this is how most non-Chinese, non East-Asian people are referred to.

xiǎo "small" and 大 d "big" are found quite frequently as components of longer words, for instance "elementary school" is 小学 xiǎoxu and "university" is 大学 dxu.

香港 Xiānggăng "Hong Kong" is of course a city that needs no introduction. The first character, 香 xiāng can be translated as "fragrant", "perfume", or even have the connotation of "flavorful" (when talking about food). 港 găng means "harbor", which is of course what Hong Kong is famous for. So, the meaning of Hong Kong is actually "Fragrant harbor".

Example sentences:

中国 大 吗? Is China big?
Zhōnggu d ma?
Is middle-country big question?

韩国 很 小。 Korea is small.
Hngu hěn xiǎo.
Han-country is small.

中国 很 大。 China is very big.
Zhōnggu hěn d.
Middle-kingdom very big.

宾馆 大 吗? Is the hotel big?
Bīnguǎn d ma?
Guest-house big question?

外国人 不 多。 There are not many foreigners.
Wigurn b duō.
Outside-country-person not many.

美国 大 吗? Is the United States big?
Měigu d ma?
Beautiful-country big question?

留学生 很 多。 There are many foreign students.
Lixushēnɡ hěn duō.
Study abroad-study-born very many.

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Sound files for the example sentences: 

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A 北京外国人多吗?
   Bĕijīng wigurn duō ma?
   Are there many foreigners in Beijing?

B 对, 外国人很多。
   Du, wigurn hĕn duō.
   Thats right, theres a lot of foreigners.

A 香港外国人也多吗?
   Xiānggăng wigurn yĕ duō ma?
   Are there also a lot in Hong Kong?

B 对, 在香港也很多。
   Du, zi Xiānggăng yĕ hĕn duō.
   Thats right, theres also very many in Hong Kong.

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