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Lesson 17 我要住在大连。 I will live in Dalian.

要 yo Will, want / 青岛 qīngdǎo Qingdao / 中餐 zhōngcān Chinese food
/ 加拿大 Jiānd Canada /
yo means "will" or "want to" depending on the context. 要 yo is not usually used in the negative form.

当然 Dāngrn means "of course" and is used in the same way that the English expression is used, with a few minor differences. For instance, in response to a request you could say 当然可以 Dāngrn kěyǐ "Of course you can!" but it English we frequently drop the verb and just respond "Of course!"

Example sentences:

她 要 去 北京。 She will to go to Beijing.
Tā yo q Běijīng.
She will go North Capital.

周 小姐 要 住 在 青岛。 Ms. Zhou will live in Qingdao.
Zhōu xiǎojiě yo zh zi qīngdǎo.
Zhou little-big-sister will live at Blue/Green-Island.

我 要 住 在 大连。 I will live in Dalian.
Wǒ yo zh zi Dlin.
I will live at Big-Link.

我 要 喝 啤酒。 I want to drink beer.
Wǒ yo hē pjiǔ.
I will drink beer.

她 要 学习 汉语 吗? Will she study Mandarin?
Tā yo xux Hnyǔ ma?
She want study Han-language question?

王 小姐 要 去 加拿大 学习。 Ms. Wang will study in Canada.
Wng xiǎojiě yo q Jiānd xux.
Wang little-big-sister want go Canada study.

他 要 去 买 电视。 He will buy a television.
Tā yo q mǎi dinsh.
He want go buy electric-look upon.

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A 你认识汉字吗?
   Nĭ rnshi hnz ma?
   Can you read Chinese characters?

B 我不认识。
   Wŏ b rnshi.
   I cant read them.

A 你要学吗?
   Nĭ yo xu ma?
   Will you study them?

B 当然要学。
   Dāngrn yo xu.
   Of course I will study them.

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