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Lesson 16 外国人喝很多啤酒。Foreigners drink a lot of beer.

啤酒 Pjiǔ Beer / 矿泉水 kungqunshuǐ Water / 喝 hē to drink
/ 绿茶 lǜch Green tea /
jiǔ is often translated as "wine" but more correctly can be translated as "spirit" or "alcohol". You can find the character in many inebriation-oriented nouns, such as 葡萄酒 ptojiǔ "wine", 啤酒 pjiǔ "beer" and the nefarious 白酒 bijiǔ, which is sometimes incorrectly translated as "white wine" but is anything but the sort, more like something you could use to degrease engines or tear the lining from your stomach.

矿泉水 kungqunshuǐ "mineral water" is a daily necessity for most foreigners, although in a pinch you can go with 茶水 chshuǐ, literally "tea water" but just plained boiled water, served warm.

Example sentences:

你 想 喝 茶 吗? Would you like to drink tea?
Nǐ xiǎng hē ch ma?
You like-want drink tea question?

我 不 喜欢 喝 绿茶。 I don't like to drink green tea.
Wǒ b xǐhuan hē lǜch.
I not like drink green-tea.

啤酒 很 好喝。 Beer is delicious!
Pjiǔ hěn hǎo hē.
Beer-alchohol very good drink.

王 小姐 想 喝 矿泉水。 Ms. Wang would like to drink mineral water.
Wng xiǎojiě xiǎng hē kungqunshuǐ.
Wang little-big-sister like-want drink mine-fountain-water.

她 喜欢 喝 咖啡。 She likes to drink coffee.
Tā xǐhuan hē kāfēi.
She like drink coffee.

外国人 喝 很 多 啤酒。 Foreigners drink a lot of beer.
Wigurn hē hěn duō pjiǔ.
External-country-people drink very much beer-alcohol.

她 想 喝 可乐。 She would like to drink Cola.
Tā xiǎng hē kěl.
She like-want drink cola.

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A 你想不想喝白酒?
   Nĭ xiăng b xiăng hē bijiŭ?
   Do you want to drink some White liquor?

B 不想。
   B xiăng.
   I dont want to.

A 你不喜欢喝白酒吗?
   Nĭ b xǐhuɑn hē bijiŭ ma?
   Do you not like to drink White liquor?

B 我不太喜欢喝。
   Wŏ b ti xǐhuɑn hē.
   I dont like to drink it that much.

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