Lessons 1-10

Lesson 10 这不是他的词典。This isn't his dictionary.

本子 běnzi Notebook / 手机 shǒujī Cell phone / 课本 kběn Textbook / 电脑 dinnǎo Computer /

zh means "this" and 那 n means "that". Usually they are paired with a counter word, the most common being 个 ge. In English counter words are typically added to non-count nouns such as water to make them quantifiable ("three bottles of water" instead of "three waters").  In Chinese they can be added to any noun and are therefore used more frequently.

means "machine" and is found in a myriad of words, such as 洗衣机 xǐyījī "washing machine" and 手机 shǒujī "cell phone".

Example sentences:

这 是 本子。 This is a notebook.
Zh sh běnzi.
This is origin-thing.

这 是 陈 先生 的 手机。 This is Mr. Chen's cell phone.
Zh sh Chn xiānsheng de shǒujī.
This is Chen first-born-of hand-machine.

这 是 我 的 课本。This is my textbook.
Zh sh wǒ de kběn.
This is I-of lesson-origin.

这 不 是 他 的 词典。This isn't his dictionary.
Zh b sh tā de cdiǎn .
This not is he-of phrases-canon.

这 是 你 的 电脑。This is your computer.
Zh sh nǐ de dinnǎo.
This is you-of electric brain.

这 是 周 小姐 的 护照。 This is Ms. Zhou's passport.
Zh sh Zhōu xiǎojiě de hzho.
This is Zhou little-big-sister protect-photo.

这 是 报纸。This is a newspaper.
Zh sh bozhǐ .
This is announce-paper.

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Sound files for the example sentences:

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A 这是你的护照吗?
   Zh sh nĭ de hzho ma ?
   Is this your passport?

B 不是, 是他的。
   B sh, sh tā de
   No it isnt, its his.

A 你的护照在哪里?
   Nĭ de hzho zi nălĭ?
   Where is your passport?

B 在家。
   Zi jiā
   At home.

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