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Lesson 35 你为什么那么做? Why did you do that?

他们 为什么 去? Why did they go?
Tāmen wishnme q?
They why go?

她 为什么 要 去 火车站? Why is she going to the train station?
Tā wishnme yo q huŏchēzhn?
She why want-will go fire-vehicle-stand?

你 为什么 要 买 英语 课本? Why will you buy an English-language textbook?
Nĭ wishnme yo măi Yīngyŭ kbĕn?
You why want-will buy English lesson-source?

朱 小姐 为什么 学习 英语? Why does Ms. Zhu study English?
Zhū xiăojiĕ wishnme xux Yīngyŭ?
Zhu little-big-sister why study English language?

他 为什么 回 国 了? Why did he return to his country?
Tā wishnme hu gu le?
He why return country finished?

你 为什么 那么 做? Why did you do that?
Nĭ wishnme nme zu?
You why that do?

郑 先生 为什么 那么 做?Why did Mr. Zheng do that?
Zhng xiānsheng wishnme nme zu?
Zhen first-born why that do?

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A 我想报一个汉语学习班。
   Wǒ xiǎng bo yg Hnyǔ xuxbān.
   I want to sign up for a Chinese course.

B 真的吗? 我觉得,学习汉语对于外国人太难了。
   Zhēn de ma? Wǒ jude, xux Hnyǔ duy wigurn ti nn le.
   Really? I think it's too difficult for foreigners to learn Chinese.

A 可能, 不过我觉得汉语口语不太难。
   Kěnng, bgu wǒ jude Hnyǔ kǒuyǔ b ti nn.
   Maybe, but I think spoken Chinese is really easy.

B 但是认识汉字太难了。
   Dnsh rnshi Hnz ti nn le.
   But Chinese characters are too difficult.

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