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Lesson 39: 成龙很有名。Jackie Chan is very famous.

王家卫 是 很 有名的 导演。 Wong kar-Wai is very famous film director.
Wng Jiāwi sh hĕn yŏumngde dăoyăn.
Wong Kar-Wai is very have-name-of guide-perform.

我 听说 姚明 在 美国 很 有名。Ive heard that Yao Ming is very famous in America.
Wŏ tīngshuō Yo Mng zi Mĕigu hĕn yŏumng.
I hear-speak Yao Ming at Beautiful-country very has-name.

成龙 很 有名。Jackie Chan is very famous.
Chng Lng hĕn yŏumng.
Jackie Chan very has-name.

《孙子兵法》 是一本 很 有名的 书。The Art of War is a very famous book.
《Sūnzi Bīngfă》 sh yī bĕn hĕn yŏumngde shū.
Sun-tzu Army-Law is one thing very has-name-of book.

我 听说《西游记》很 有名。Ive heard that the Journey to the West is very famous.
Wŏ tīngshuō 《Xīyuj》 hĕn yŏu mng.
I listen-speak West-roam-record very has-name.

董方卓 在 美国 不 出名。Dong Fangzhuo is not famous in America.
Dŏng Fāngzhu zi Mĕigu b chūmng.
Dong Fangzhuo at Beautiful-country not exit-name.

《三国演义》 很 有名。The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is very famous.
《Sānguyăny》 hĕn yŏumng.
Three-country-perform-justice very has-name.

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A 你在看什么呢?
   Nǐ zi kn shnme ne?
   What are you reading?

B 我在看《红楼梦》。 这是一本清朝的著名小说。
   Wǒ zi kn 《Hnglumng》. Zh sh y běn Qīngcho de
   zhmng xiǎoshuō.
   Right now I am reading the Dream of the Red Chamber. It is a very
   famous novel of the Ming dynasty.

A 是长篇的吗?
   Sh chngpiānde ma?
   Is it a long book?

B 是的,很长。
   Shde, hěn chng.
   Yes, it is very long.

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