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Lesson 26: 青岛是个好地方。 Qingdao is a good place.

地方 dfang Place / 漂亮 pioliang Pretty / 贵 gu Expensive /
北京 是 个 大的 地方。 Beijing is a big place.
Běijīng sh g dde dfang .
North-Capital is a big-of earth-location.

青岛 是 个大 地方 吗? Is Qingdao a big place?
Qīngdǎo sh g d dfang ma?
Blue-green-Island is a big earh-location question?

青岛 是 个 好 地方。 Qingdao is a good place.
Qīngdǎo sh g hǎo dfang .
Blue-green-Island is a good earth-location.

青岛 是个 漂亮的 地方。 Qingdao is a beautiful place.
Qīngdǎo sh g pioliangde dfang .
Blue-green-Island is an elegant-light earth-location.

那里 是个 漂亮的 地方。That is a beautiful place.
Nli sh g pioliangde dfang .
That is an elegant-light earth-location.

那个 地方 有趣 吗? Is that place interesting?
Nag dfang yǒuq ma?
That-one earth-location has interest question?

这 是 个 神奇的 地方 。This is an amazing place.
Zh sh g shnqde dfang .
This is one mysterious-surprising-of earth-location

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A 他喜欢他的新公寓吗?
   Tā xǐhuɑn tāde xīn gōngy ma?
   Does he like his new apartment?

B 喜欢。
   He likes it.

A 你喜欢你的公寓吗?
   Nǐ xǐhuɑn nǐde gōngy ma?
   Do you like your apartment?

B 还行, 但是没多大地方。
   Hi xng, dnsh mi duō d dfāng.
   It's alright, but there isn't enough space.

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